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 I can’t help but wish for something. I am always wishing for something. I can’t go so far as to say that human beings are wishful creatures, but I think everyone has the feeling of wishing for something, such as “I want to be like this” or “I want that.
 What we wish for may differ from person to person. Even the same person may have different wishes depending on the time, place, and state of mind. It is not always possible to maintain a calm and stable state. Sometimes we give in to temptation and make selfish wishes just to fulfill our own desires. If we say, “If my wish were granted,” it seems to me that it is human nature to dance around in our own selfish fantasies. Human beings may be such foolish beings.

 I watched the movie “Wonder Woman 1984. It is an action movie that makes full use of SFX and VFX technologies to show how the main character, who has a beauty so dazzling that it is hard to believe she is a woman in this world, fights against the bad guys. The story can be simply explained as “If all the desires of each and every one of us were fulfilled, the world would be destroyed.
 While the film is captivating with its flashy action scenes, I also saw it as a film with the message that “living to fulfill one’s desires will inevitably lead to destruction”. Each of us can escape from the danger of world destruction by awakening from the trap of desire and remembering what we truly value. It is a work with psychological depth.

 For example, there are different kinds of wishes, such as the wish for “peace” and the wish for “someone’s happiness,” and I don’t think we can generally deny the very act of wishing. However, I feel that wishing for something is evidence of “not being satisfied with the current situation” or “not being aware of the happiness we have now.
 Wishing for more happiness than we have now seems to me to be greed. I have not spent much time thinking about this “wish,” and I am not sure how to put it, but at this point I feel that we simply “should not wish for it. I would like to explore this more deeply in the future.

 She is so beautiful !


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