変わらず大切なもの[Things that are as important as ever]

投稿者: | 2023-07-11







Things that are as important as ever

 I believe that there is something that will never change, and I feel as if I have been searching for it ever since I was young. Something that will never betray me, no matter how much the world changes, and will always remain the same. I didn’t know if it was love, God, or something else entirely, but I had no doubt that it was there somewhere, just somewhere I didn’t know about it yet. It was an unfounded belief, come to think of it.
 As time goes by, the environment surrounding people changes, and as a result, people’s way of thinking naturally changes as well. In order to cope with changing times, it is sometimes necessary for people to change their way of thinking. Then again, the environment changes. While sensing such an unstoppable flow, I may have gone against the flow when I was young, wanting things to stay the same.

 As I have grown older, I have experienced many things, thought about this and that, and have come to realize that things change quite a bit. What has changed the most is my impression of myself and how I perceive myself. I used to think there was nothing I couldn’t do. I was under the illusion that I was what you would call a “can-do” guy, only I didn’t really mean it. I was shameless or conceited. Perhaps it is true to say that I have grown up, but it seems that I am finally realizing my lack of ability.
 Unfortunately, I feel as though I was an embarrassment, unaware that I didn’t know things. Even now, I still don’t have enough practice, but I think I am much more able to look at myself objectively than I did then.

 What I think now is that there are things that do not change and things that should not change. Things like truths that are not affected by fads and fashions, that transcend race, and that are familiar to all things.
 The Bible says, “Whatever you would have men do to you, do ye also to them.” (Matthew 7:12). For some reason, this verse just came to my mind.

 I am always unable to do anything in the end in front of questions that I may not be able to derive no matter how much I think about them, such as what is the right answer and what I should do. I should just go with the flow, and perhaps these are questions that I don’t even need to force myself to think about.
 However, I think I will continue to ask myself this question. I don’t know if I will be able to give an answer, and I don’t feel it is very important. But I think now that there is life in continuing to ask questions to myself.

 I’m sure there is.


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