剥がれるメッキ[Plating Coming Off]

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Plating Coming Off

 I think we should just go among people without fear of getting hurt or being embarrassed. I am afraid of trying to make myself look good, or saying something cool, or thinking unnecessary things like that. In the first place, there is no way I could or need to say something that would attract people. I think I should just throw my mind and body out in a natural way and let things happen as they will.
 There is no need to be tall or stiff-necked. Just live your life with sincerity in your own way. First of all, we need to throw ourselves into the circle of human beings.

 It would be a waste to miss out on opportunities to interact with others because we hesitate to think about this and that. You will be exposed when you appear in front of people. If you expose yourself and are looked down upon, there is nothing you can do about it. There was no chance for you. If you are afraid of that, you will really become a recluse. I know it is difficult to open up. But I don’t mind doing it little by little, I still want to do it.

 It is also very bad to put yourself on the shelf and evaluate others. It may be the worst part of me. I have a tendency to criticize, look down on, and devalue others for the slightest thing, even though I have not interacted with them in depth, i.e., I do not know them well. It is true that these bad habits have kept me away from people. I even think proudly, “I can’t improve myself by hanging out with those people. I am not qualified to think that way.

 I believe that one can only improve one’s humanity by being with other people. I have a tendency to think too much. I feel that the time has come for me to think a little less now and take the plunge.
 The time I spend writing this blog is a good time for me to take a good look at myself. This is the only time in the day that I am allowed to think, and I want to use it carefully. If I can do that, I feel like I can let myself go and not get caught up in the flow of people. I want to free myself from the spell of my ideals by giving up on myself and others in a good way, saying, “It’s natural for human beings to make mistakes because we are human beings.

 Just be who you are, and you will be fine.


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